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Belleville, Ontario

Belleville, Ontario

Hello, my name is Elliot Maracle and I am a freelance web developer based out of Belleville, Ontario Canada. My goal with this blog is to log some of the things that I have learned in order to help others with their work. As well, I hope to gain feedback on some of my work in order to help better my understanding of web development.

With regards to my experience and career, I started developing programs and websites when I was in grade 12 to where I was accepted to Seneca College for computer engineering technology. During college, I specialized in software and successfully graduated the three year program. Afterwards, I decided to attend Lakehead University for Software Engineering to where I learned many new concepts such as data structures, version control and database security.

During university, I built my first app for BlackBerry which was a simple guitar tuner. I decided to build this app as I needed a guitar tuner for my BlackBerry and I was also interested in knowing the process of becoming a BlackBerry vendor and what limitations (if any) Blackberry had with their API.

After discovering BlackBerry’s API limitations (for free use) during the construction of my second app(a to-do list you can share with others), I started another project which consisted of building an ecommerce website for my hometown’s local music store ‘Ardens Music’. I used the osCommerce framework to build this website and am currently in the process of updating its design and functionality.

As I became enthralled in the world of web development, I decided that this was what I wanted to do and left Thunder Bay to live in Waterloo to continue my career as a freelance web developer. I have since lived in Ottawa and have recently moved back home to Belleville.

I have been developing and maintaining websites professionally for the past two years and have been fortunate to work with many different people around the world. I enjoy what I do and am always eager to learn more about designing and developing websites.